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Literature Fulfillment, also called Print Fulfillment or Printing Fulfillment, is the process of storing, gathering, packaging and the distribution of printed materials (i.e. catalogs, brochures, postcards, presentation folders, binders, sales packets, etc.)

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As your business grows, it quickly becomes apparent that literature fulfillment is a critical part of your operation, but an incredibly time-consuming and costly business function. That’s why companies streamlining their operations are utilizing an outsourced fulfillment partner like M.A.I.L. Inc.

M.A.I.L. Inc. has the resources and expertise needed to perform this business task more efficiently and economically than you could on your own. A literature fulfillment partner can simplify the distribution of promotional literature to your customers and potential customers, as well as operational and support literature to your field reps, branch offices, franchise locations, dealers, etc.

A M.A.I.L. Inc. Factoid: Literature Kits

Did you know as your fulfillment partner we provide folding and collating services, as well as the assembly and insertion of printed components needed to create binder sets and presentation folders?

M.A.I.L. Inc. can set up programs to distribute literature as part of a special, one-time project or as part of an on-going service. As your fulfillment partner, M.A.I.L. Inc. provides access to our EZ-Mail Webservice (APIs) to simplify the literature ordering process. Reports showing orders, shipments, inventory levels and other valuable data are available in our secure EZ-MAIL Dashboard System to keep you updated on your project’s status.

M.A.I.L. Inc. Literature Fulfillment: The Right Outsourcing Solution

M.A.I.L. Inc.’s Literature fulfillment is more streamlined than most other types of outsourced fulfillment services because as your fulfillment partner we can also produce many of the printed pieces for you. This eliminates the need for you to have the materials produced in advance and saves your money.

And for those items that are printed in advance, we have the warehouse facilities to house bulky and heavy literature items. By having a fulfillment partner handle the functions of receiving, storing, handling, packing and distributing, it will save you space and manpower.

M.A.I.L. Inc. would like to become your fulfillment partner. As a single-source provider, we offer all the printing and fulfillment capabilities needed to make your literature projects run smoothly. Let us be your distribution expert, and help you match your projects to the most efficient and cost-effective shipping/mailing methods.

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