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M.A.I.L. Inc.’s superior catalog fulfillment finds its success in its state-of-the-art warehousing, order entry, shipping, receiving, inventory tracking, and database management systems that directly govern their clients’ successful catalog operations.

Around the globe more and more of the most profitable catalog companies are outsourcing their ‘back office’ processes to meet the growing demands of their catalog fulfillment requirements.

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It’s great knowing that catalog shopping remains a strong, convenient, and trusted shopping experience for our customers all over the world.

M.A.I.L. Inc. Factoid: EZ-Mail Database

Did you know that out warehouse management system tracks tens of thousands of multiple SKUed inventory items?

M.A.I.L. Inc. offers a variety of services to help our clients achieve maximum catalog fulfillment savings. We use state of the art hardware and software components to perform the following services:

Service Description
List maintenance We will maintain your list at our offices and perform edits as you direct. You may have your list returned for review on demand either on a diskette or a sheet list. We can perform limited filtering functions.
Zip + 4 /Barcode Assignment This process standardizes your addresses, compares them to the USPS database of deliverable addresses and assigns the proper 11 digit delivery point barcode. The Postal Service requires that this process be performed within 90 days of the mailing date to qualify for barcode discounts.
NCOA Processing  (Change of Address) This process compares your database to the Postal Service database of changes of address and corrects changes. This information is returned to you. You can choose from different levels of matching.
LACS Processing (Address Correction) This process compares your database to the Postal Service database for matching of areas recently converted to 911 addressing. This corrected information is returned to you.
DSF Processing (Address Verification) This process compares your database to the Postal Service database for verification of valid addresses. This information is returned to you.
Duplicate Detection This process identifies and eliminates duplicates. Sensitivity levels can be adjusted from exact match only to near duplicates to one per address.
Merge/Purge This process is similar to duplicate detection. We combine/compare 2 databases in order to isolate duplicates for mailing or exclusion (No Mail Lists). — Graphic of two disks being compared —
Data Conversion We can convert data files from one format to another to accommodate incompatible systems. GRAPHIC: two disks to one to excel spreadsheet

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