Build Specialized Marketing Lists

Connect With the New Customers

Businesses, political groups, churches and research organizations need data…more specifically mailing lists, email lists and telemarketing lists.

Building Specialized Lists

Direct Mail Campaigns

Get your message delivered with custom postcards, brochures, or letters, designed by you or our professional staff.

Qualified Email Campaigns

Reach new customers online with our full service email capabilities including email lists, design, delivery & reporting.

Enhanced Data Updates

Enhance your own customer file with up-to-date information including email addresses, phone numbers and more!

We provide accurate, privacy-compliant marketing data. Data drives your direct marketing campaigns. If our data isn’t any good you don’t make money. It’s that simple.

Let us help you custom design a list to help you reach your most promising prospects. We broker lists for the large and small list compilers nation-wide. Call us with your target demographic, and we’ll assemble the best list.

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A M.A.I.L. Inc. Factoid: EZ-Mail Dashboard

Did you know that our EZ-Mail Dashboard Systems allows our clients to easily navigate their fulfillment data?

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